• June 16, 2024
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  • Officers & Staff
    Patrick J Darrow

    Married with 2 children

    Third Generation Teamster

    Teamster member since 1985

    Served various full-time positions within the Teamsters and Teamsters Local Union No. 348 since 1988

    • Currently Secretary Treasurer & Business Manager of Teamsters Local No. 348
    • Trustee of Teamsters Local 348 Health & Welfare Fund for over 20 years
    • Past President of Tri-County Building Trades
    • President of Joint Council 41
    • Co-Chairman of Ohio UPS Division
    • Assistant Director IBT Package Division
    • Central Region UPS Grievance Committee member and negotiating committee
    • 2003 appointed as one of three (3) State Labor Leader to the Unemployment Compensation Advisory Council
    • President of OHIO D.R.I.V.E.
    • Appointed to the Ohio Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC)
    • Serves on various Community Boards and Charitable Events

    David D Dudas


    Dave started his career in 1975 as a Driver/Salesman for Mazzones Bakery. In 1976, he moved to Dolly Madison and was their Steward from 1977 to 1979. In 1979, he moved to Schwebels Baking Co. where he was elected Union Steward from 1982 thru 1990. In 1988, he was elected to the Executive Board of Teamsters Local 52 as a Trustee. Since 1990, Dave has advanced his career with Local 52 and became the Secretary Treasurer/Principal Officer in 2003. Dave has also attended Labor Studies and Labor Classes at Ohio State University, Cleveland State University as well as Tri-C. Dave is married and has 2 children.

    • 1990-1991            Teamsters Local 52 Vice President & Business Representative
    • 1992-2002            Teamsters Local 52 President & Business Representative
    • 2003-Present     Teamsters Local 52 Secretary Treasurer & Principal Officer
    • 1990-Present     Trustee Teamsters Local 52 Pension Fund
    • 1990-Present     Chairman Teamsters Local 52 Health & Welfare
    • 1990-Present     Delegate of Teamsters Joint Council 41
    • 2000-2011            Director of Teamsters Joint Council 41
    • 1990-Present     Delegate of the Ohio Conference of Teamsters
    • 1990-Present     Delegate to National Bakery Conference
    • 1993-1997            Trustee Joint Council 41 - Sports Committee
    • 1997-Present     Elected President of the Ohio Teamsters Sports Committee
    • 2003-2009            Elected Advisor to the Teamsters National Bakery/Laundry Executive Board
    • 2003-Present     IBT Central Region Representative-Bakery/Laundry Division
    • 2003-Present     Ohio Conference of Teamsters Bakery Division Chairman
    • 2004-Present     Director - Ohio Conference of Teamsters
    • 2005-Present     IBT Food Processing Policy Member
    • 2009-2010            Elected Recording Secretary of the Teamsters National Bakery & Laundry Conference USA & Canada
    • 2010-Present     Elected Chairman of the Teamsters National Bakery & Laundry Conference USA & Canada
    • 2011-Present     Appointed Trustee - Teamsters Joint Council 41
    • 2013-Present     Chairman Teamsters Local Union #52 Pension Fund
    • 2014-Present     Elected Recording Secretary – Teamsters Joint Council #41
    • 2015-Present     Appointed Vice President Teamsters Joint Council #41
    • 2015-Present     Elected and Appointed Director/Chairman of the Teamsters National Bakery and Laundry Conference USA & Canada
    • 2016-Present     Appointed Secretary Treasurer of The Ohio Conference of Teamsters

    Vice President
    Randall Verst

    2000 – Present         President of Teamsters LU 1199

    2011 – Present         President of Joint Council 26

    2000 – 2011              Various Joint Council 26 positions

    Current                      Vice-President of the OCT

    • Current Co-Chair of the Beverage Conference.
    • 1992 – Present Member to Teamsters Local Union 1199
    • Various Ohio Conference positions.
    • Worked for Coca Cola when elected to office in 2000.
    • Member of Teamsters Local Union 100 prior to 1992 while working at Kahn's Distribution Center in Claryville, KY.
    • Graduate from Northern Kentucky University

    Recording Secretary
    Travis Bornstein

    Active Teamsters Member Local No. 24 since 1988

    President and Principal Officer Local No. 24 since 1999

    Business Agent/Organizer Local No. 24 since 1996

    Secretary Treasurer - Teamsters Joint Council No. 41

    • Recording Secretary - Ohio Conference of Teamsters
    • Trustee - Ohio Conference of Teamsters Health and Welfare Fund
    • Trustee - Ohio Teamsters Strike Fund
    • Chairman of the Finance Committee - Ohio Teamsters Strike Fund
    • Chairman Akron City - Local Cartage Grievance Committee
    • Served as Chairman of Ohio Joint State - Private Carriage Committee
    • Served as Chairman of Ohio Joint State - Over the-Road and Local Cartage Grievance Committee
    • Served as Chairman of the Ohio Highway Drivers Council
    • Served as Chairman of the Central Region Local Cartage Grievance Committee for the National Freight Division
    • Member of the Central Region Local Cartage Negotiating Committee for the National Master Freight Agreement:  For the Period: April 1, 2008 through March 31, 2013
    • Served as Personal Representative for the General President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters 
    • Graduate from the Teamsters Leadership Academy – extensive training on contract negotiations, labor laws, organizing, local union planning, time management, contract language and communications
    • Completed seminars in Central States Health, Welfare and Pension Plans
    • Completed seminars from the US Department of Labor on union officer’s responsibilities and the Ohio Secretary of State on campaign finance reporting
    • Completed seminars on Effective Negotiating Strategies
      Trustee Teamsters Ohio D.R.I.V.E.
    • Member of D.R.I.V.E.
    • Former Dock/Yard Steward - Roadway Express
    • Honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps after four years of active duty, was meritoriously promoted to the rank of sergeant (E-5) at the age of twenty-one; graduated from Non-Commissioned Officers Leadership School in the top 6% of the class – clearly an indication of Reliability, Leadership and Character

    Dennis Roberts

    Dedicated Teamster member since 1986

    Worked at UPS as a part-time employee, full-time combination employee and package car driver. Also work on the dock at Yellow Freight, Central Transport and various other freight companies.

    Officer of Teamsters Local 407 since 2000. 

    Business Representative of Teamsters Local 407 since 2003.

    • Current President and Principal Officer of Teamsters Local 407. 
    • Trustee on the Ohio Conference of Teamsters Executive Board.
    • Served on the National and Central Region UPS Negotiating Committees for the last two UPS contracts.
    • Chairman of the UPS Central Region Panel.

    Max Zemla

    Teamster member since August 28, 1972

    Drove a beer truck for Knall beverage for 22 years

    Union sales job for Knall beverage for 7 years

    17-year Union Steward at Knall beverage

    • Teamsters Local 293 Business Agent since November of 2000
    • 2001 Elected Local 293Recording Secretary
    • 2005 – Present: Local 293 Secretary Treasurer and Principle Officer
    • 3 time Delegate to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters convention
    • 2007 – Present: Co-Chairman for the Beverage Division of the State of Ohio
    • 2005 – Present: Director for  Teamsters Joint Council 41
    • Head Negotiator for the 46 Labor Agreements represented by Teamsters Local 293 is head negotiated in the 46 Labor agreements that Teamsters Local 293 represents
    • Assisted in Beverage Division negotiations for the past 10 years
    • Ohio Conference of Teamster Trustee  

    Kenny Howard

  • Ohio Conference of Teamsters

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